Carmen Fontaine Designs is a small design firm consisting of the owner, Fontaine Moore (PhD)*, and a number of talented design consultants. We are physically located on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore, in the small historic town of Easton, Maryland. Our consultants, although personally known by our owner, are located throughout the United States, as are our discerning customers!


One of the most important things to know about a company is their philosophy. The principle that guides us is that of "win-win." Many consider life a matter of "if I win, then you lose" and vice versa. We do not believe that but instead, that it is not only possible but far preferable for both parties to win and be better off through their association.


We want you to be pleased with your interactions with Carmen Fontaine Designs and, therefore, go out of our way to facilitate that outcome. If ever you have concerns, please to not hesitate to let us know (via our "Contact Us" page). We will strive to resolve any issues to your satisfaction and in as speedy a manner as possible.


We are sure that you, our valued customer, have many photographs you cherish but that are "not quite right," or are okay but could be greatly improved to become more meaningful. That's where we come in. We offer you a "make-over" of your photos to generate the quality you hoped for but don't yet have. This could involve an edit of the photo or, as is our specialty, translating it into a dazzling painting to enjoy for years to come.


Since our prices are extremely reasonable, you may make-over any number of your treasured photographs, for your own pleasure and that of your friends and family. Give us a try and see if you're not thrilled with the result!
















* For those interested, Fontaine Moore's academic background is in educational neuropsychology—how the brain impacts the mind, especially in educational settings. In addition to her academic pursuits, she is also an artist and craftsperson, by inclination and avocation.


One of Easton's Older Homes

One of the Marshes Around Easton'